Starting Equipment

  • 4 mules (like riding horse, but speed 6 and STR 21)
  • 4 Everlasting Provisions (PHB 254)
  • 2000gp/400lbs of equipment. Mundane items, consumables under 50 gp, or ritual components only. You do not need to decide what items you have beforehand.

Environmental Hazards

  • Monsoon season: daily visibility is down to 2d6 squares. Any squares futher than the visibility range are lightly obscured by rain.
  • Xen’drik Influenza: +6 vs Fortitude; improve DC 22, maintain DC 19, worsen DC 18 or lower. Initial effect: -1 to checks until cured. Secondary State: -1 to attacks and checks. Final State: -1 to attacks and checks; speed is reduced by 1.


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