The Kor’rash Ruins area is home to three factions:

  • Lizardfolk
  • Kenku
  • Bullywugs

The three factions are locked in a virtual stalemate, but the bullywugs are slowly winning through sheer numbers and breeding rate.


The Lizardfolk control the region to the northeast, between the two forks of the river. Ssaross used to be a member of this tribe, but is no longer; he does not like talking about it. Because of your native guide, the Lizardfolk tolerate the presence of the expedition. They hate the Kenku for pushing them out of their ancestral holy land: the Kor’rash ruins.


The Kenku currently occupy the Kor’rash ruins. The work extremely well together as a flock and were able to push the Lizardfolk out of the ancient Giant ruins. However, the Lizardfolk are superior jungle and swamp fighters and the two factions have fought each other to a stalemate. The Kenku are a highly paranoid race and will not let any non-Kenku into their territory.


Bullywugs are noisome, spiteful creatures whose poisonous aura and destructive appetites slowly corrupt the land they live in. They occupy the swamps to the west of the river. While individually weak, they breed rapidly, and, if left unchecked, will spread until blocked by natural barriers. Until recently, the Bullywug clans near the Kor’rash ruins killed each other as much as the Lizardfolk and the Kenku, but something has unified and turned their anger outwards. They are now slowly pressing the more organized forces back, forcing the Lizardfolk and Kenku to abandon open hostilities with each other to deal with the Bullywug threat.


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